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Please call us for more information @

204-918-5757 or email

These are three of my inspirations for starting this business and continuing to specialize and enhance my services to provide the most safe, friendly, reliable, comfortable and caring experiences to meet each individuals needs. 

We are a safe, reliable, unique, and specialized  service provider that will come into your home offering assistance and preparation for your wheelchair and accessible assisted transport services.  We are a direct in home/direct into appointment service provider.  We are available for medical appointments, moves into personal care homes from the hospital or home assisting with the move, school  assistance transportation,  work assistance transportation, cancer care treatments, physiotherapy, dental appointments, dialysis appointment assistance, day surgery, grocery shopping, and any other personal appointments or outings that you may require. 

I ​offer assistance to individuals, seniors,  with walkers, canes, wheelchairs,  or any other mobility needs.  


We offer direct billing to MPI, WCB, Blue Cross, Social Assistance, Veterans Affairs, monthly billing, and any other insurance where direct billing is available. I offer many different payment options.  E-transfer, Cash, and Cheque

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